As your kids get older things get busier.

 The kids on our first day of school.

As I was reviewing my blog I realized wow sure has been a long time since I've written.  Then I started to think back to the last post I did and all that has happened.  The big thing that happened was I went back to work.   I work 1/2 day as a Kindergarten aide, I'm also the lead sub at the school where I work.  In October I took over as the Kindergarten Teacher while the teacher went on maternity leave.  I had the class for three months and while it was a lot of work I loved every minute of it.  Both of my own kids loved having me at school all day and while I had to stay after school for an hour to prep for the next day the kids loved hanging out with their friends.  We managed Monkey's soccer schedule plus Wiggles ballet schedule with little problems.  By the time the kids were being put to bed I was toast and would go to bed shortly after them.  I'm going to try and up date the blog as I have time.  We have about 9 weeks left of school. I'm looking forward to the break but look forward to next year when I will be the 2nd grade teacher for 3 days during the week.  I a blessed to job share with a wonderful women next year.  I will also be Monkey's teacher 3 days a week too.  That will take some adjustment on his part but I'm sure it will all work out. 


Coming Home

 Every year when we come home from Yosemite we have the choice to go out the west or take some time and head out to the eastern sierras.  This year we did just that and head east out of Tuolumne Meadows. This is my favorite part of the park.  We got to Tuolumne Meadows we ditched the car and trailer and went for a hike.  I love this part of the park it's so peaceful and beautiful. 
 Marmot Family
 Taking our family hike.
 Oh It is so beautiful up here. Just so peaceful.  
After are morning in Tuolumne we headed down the mountain and back to real life.  Daddy's brother and sister in law were able to get us a camp site where they were for the night.  We learned just cause it looks level doesn't mean it is. Daddy always amazes me with his ability to level out our trail in any situation.  See what I mean: 
 See the front of the trailer it's almost sitting on the ground. But wait till you see below.
 Not much to do on this side (this was the higher side of the site)
Aw yes this is the lower side one wheel had 4 levels of orange blocks the other wheel 5 levels.  Always an adventure camping on the side of a hill. :)  It was a fun visit, even if it was just one night.


Our Yearly Hike in Yosemite

For the last several years we've gone to Yosemite on vacation.  This year was no different.  Last year we hiked to Upper Yosemite Falls. This year we hiked to Nevada Falls via the mist trail going up and then we took the John Muir trail coming back.  Oh how beautiful it was.  Here is a picture of Nevada from Glacier Point. The day we did the hike I didn't bring my camera.
 Looking at Nevada Falls from Glacier Point.
Looking at both Verna Falls (lower fall) and Nevada Falls (upper fall) 

 Vernal & Nevada Falls Vernal Fall footbridge: 1.6 miles/2.6 km round-trip;1.5 hours with 400 ft./122 m elevation gain
Vernal Fall: 2.4 miles/3.9km round-trip; 3 hours with 1,000 ft./366 m. elevation gain (via Mist Trail)
Nevada Fall: 5.4 miles/8.7km round-trip; 5 to 6 hours with 2,000 ft./610 m. elevation gain (via Mist Trail)
 It was a great hike, and came as close as I will to Half Dome.  :)  Beautiful country for sure.  Wonder where we will go next year???


Happy 6th Birthday Buddy!!

This year we didn't throw Monkey a birthday party with his friends for good reason.  We were on vacation and I didn't think that his friends would drive 9 hours to celebrate.  Nani and Papa were with us so we had a little party for him.  I even made his cake in our trailer.  Not my best work but I tried.  So what did we do for Monkeys birthday we rode the bus around the valley floor went out for pizza walked around the valley and had a campfire. :)  One happy birthday boy for sure.

 Hanging out on a tree stump.
 Wearing Papa's hat while riding the bus around.
 Birthday dinner pizza!
 Getting the camp fire going.
Opening gifts from Wiggles, Nani and Papa, Mom and Dad.


Swim Lessons

So what other way do you start summer then with swim lessons of course.  Well actually it was the only way we could get the kids in the pool and have a refresher before we went on vacation and swimming in the river.  So thankfully our friends were free so they could do swim lessons with us again. YEAH!  I didn't take too many pictures this year so you'll just have to enjoy the few I got.


Happy Birthday G

 Happy Birthday G!!! So after a very busy end of the school year we started the summer with a bang!
We went up north to help celebrate G's birthday.  We had a great time visiting and Wiggles enjoyed the Music Man and Girl who came to entertain the kids.  G wanted to be on the move. :)
 With my parents gone we don't see much of my side of the family so while my Aunt and Uncle were at the party I made sure to get a picture of the kids with them. Their Great Aunt and Great Uncle. 


Last day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

 I'm still trying to catch up on our blog here.  Lots has happened so I haven't had time to blog. Since I have some down time I thought I'd try to blog as much as I could so I could try and catch up. 

 Wiggles with her 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. D (best teacher for 2nd grade)
 Monkey with his Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. B (Awesome K Teacher Ever) 
So the kids had a field day and had lots of fun for the last day of school as a tradition we go out for dinner for the last and first day of school.  We always pick a Mexican Restaurant. We (Myself and Daddy) did this as kids and we just decided to keep the tradition going. This year for the end of the year we asked some friends to join us.  As you can see it's very hard to get 5 kids who are hungry to all look the same direction and smile for the camera.   We had a blast reflecting on the year we had just finished and talked about what summer plans we had. A wonderful time for sure. 

I think this was the best one. What do you think?